Transform the economic world with new customer experience strategies that goes where no man has gone before.

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INTEGRAL is dedicated to new customer experience models and growth opportunities for companies.

Business Design & Innovation

  • Identify what creates value
  • Imagine new services and offers to better the lives of customers and businesses
  • Design the ideal customer experience
  • Co-build business models and implement them


Co-develop economic opportunities and business models for companies


We work with your general management teams and business units to draw up collaborative innovation strategies and put them to trial in real settings. Our agility and insight help us invent new consumer experiences alongside your teams and network of partners.




Reconcile business challenges through user-centric channels


We combine business and creative channels to optimize performance and minimize risks. And of course, all our analytical and strategic marketing protocols are user-centric, to create value for each individual.

We influence consumption habits, society at large, and organizations’ competitiveness through resilient business models and experience, service, and distribution design.

Practice innovation

We help develop brands and offers from upstream (identification of needs and growth opportunities, problem-solving and ideation, design of new products, services and business models) to downstream (consumer and user testing, marketing mix optimization).

We champion a vision of innovation, centered around people, and nourished by new tools such as creative studies, design thinking and new generation business models.

Our 5-step approach helps us support you in all your projects and ensure optimum success:

Activate three pillars of expertise

Concretely building business models

With INRUN, an innovation process dedicated to macro challenges, we co-create efficient business models alongside your teams and functional business units.

Co-imagine companies’ future business and service offers,
Trace new growth trajectories and create customer & company value,
Imagine economically viable service and usage protocols,
Design businesses, brands and distribution ecosystems